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Why Outsource your Payroll?

Payroll is usually the first service that companies decide to outsource. The cost is clearly quantifiable and predictable, meaning no money will be lost through error.

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What are the benefits?

Cypherpay is your Payroll Outsourcing solution. Payroll services are in demand as this is such a specialised area. Outsourcing makes perfect sense as long as your staff are a priority. We treat your staff as if they were our own!  We are passionate about paying staff correctly, on time … every month!

The first obvious benefit is that you will save money and at the same time getting the experience and peace of mind that your payroll is processed correctly.

Another fabulous benefit is that you will have more time to focus on your main business. Your business has never been so focused!

You will get reports monthly to assist your business
You can upload the payroll into your general ledger monthly
You no longer need to spend time printing payslips
You no longer need to take the afternoon off to submit your PAYE, UIF and SDL returns… never mind the time saved on IRP5’s!

It certainly pays to use Cypherpay!

About us!

Cypher is a payments/collection/EFT bureau establised in 1989, for the processing of debit/credit orders into the South African Banking system. Cypher is a registered system operator with the Payments Association of South Africa (National Payments Act, 78 of 1998). Cypher's web site

Cypher Payroll Services has a complementary synergy with our EFT/Bureau Services.